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So much more
than the “Sum Of The Parts”

We’ve found that after discussing colors and photos and functions, that it’s even more important to identify who your audience is.  Once we really understand the goal for the website, for example, is it sales through a secure and seamless e-commerce effort or is it to inform and educate on your products and services, most likely it’s a combination of several goals, only then can we start to assemble all the pieces to make sure the end result is so much more than “the sum of the parts”.

“But First, We Listen”

Our Approach

We ask questions AND WE LISTEN:

  • Why are we building a website, what’s the goal and message?
  • Who are we building the website for, who is our audience?
  • What is the “Call To Action”, how do we challenge our audience?
  • What look and feel will best accomplish our goals with this website design and the company’s image?
  • Where do we want this website to be found, what would be appropriate keywords?
  • What special functionality do we need in the website design to convey our message?
  • What interactivity do we require with social media to create “community” for our message?
  • How do we ensure accessibility compliant content and design?
  • How do we build this website for search engine success?

These are general questions for illustration but this really should convey that we don’t just build a website but rather another success story for our clients.  Each website that we build is custom, from scratch and not a template.  Built 100% unique for your business.  We feel that building the perfect website requires not only knowledge of web building techniques and code, but even more important is a knowledge of our client’s unique business.  Only then can we put our expertise in best  practices to work and produce Epic Results!

Examples Of Our Work

Here is a description of the work we were commissioned to do with links to view the websites.

Island Decor

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Island Decor is one of the shopping sites owned by the Adaptivity Trusted Stores Network.  This website has a secure and seamless shopping cart with 534 products with gallery photos and secure payment processing gateway.  Full Social Media share functionality and successful ongoing organic SEO Campaign.

Industrial Safety Institute

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We were hired to build an online school with online Registration and payment gateway and full courseware installation.  We constructed the courses using client supplied course structure and content.  Website includes a secure Student Portal and Courses include automated testing and certifications.

Tufts Grinding, Inc.

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We were contracted to design and build an informational Corporate website with PDF and printing capabilities.  We incorporated Social Media share functionality and an interactive map and phone directory.

Epic Results ~ Accelerated

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