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Why Do I Need My Website Compliant?

Websites are considered a public accommodation because the goods and services offered on the site are being offered to the general public. The Americans with Disabilities (ADA) requirements clearly states…

What Does Website Compliance Mean?

The currently accepted “best practice” guidelines are created and published by the by the W3C which stands for World Wide Web Consortium.  The actual Guidelines are called the WCAG which stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the latest iteration of that is WCAG 2.1.

How Does The Adaptivity Solution Work?

The software scans and analyzes your website using AI technologies. Then, it applies all the required adjustments to become ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliant. This process takes up to 48 hours and upon completion, you’ll get an Accessibility Statement and certification of performance directly on your website.

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Businesses ‘sitting ducks‘ for lawsuits because websites aren’t ADA compliant


Woman sues 175 business owners over websites

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On any page of our website you will see, on the upper right of your screen, a Disability Icon.  Click on the icon and you’ll notice that it brings up the Adaptivity Accessibility Interface that allows the disabled visitor to customize the website to accommodate their particular disability needs.

The beauty of this is that it only changes the website for this visitor’s unique needs and does so as an overlay to the website.  Once this visitor leaves the website it closes the Accessibility Interface and the website is reverted back to original design.

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